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The West Vancouver Museum offers a range of educational programs on art, history, and culture for elementary and secondary school students. From museum tours, to outreach programs, to portable school kits, to programs customized to meet specific curriculum needs, we look forward to working with teachers to provide optimum and engaging learning opportunities for young people of all ages.

For more information about or to book programs listed below, please contact:


Isaac Vanderhorst, Education Coordinator, at 604.925.7297 or by email at



Through interactive gallery talks, creative visual analysis, and hands-on educational activities, we offer students of all ages an appreciation for history and the visual arts. Please contact staff for assistance in designing a school tour to meet your needs.


Arch tour 

Museum outreach programs provide opportunities for students to experience local art and architecture beyond the classroom walls.


Drawn to the Sea
 (Grades 3 to 6)


Explore our unique coastline with your students by examining the drawings of B.C. Binning and the distinctive ways in which he documented West Vancouver and British Columbia during the 1940s. By studying his art, students will gain a sense of nature and history and learn to see their surroundings in a new light.

Building a Modern Community
 (Grades 5 to 10)

Introduce your class to West Vancouver’s unique West Coast architecture and local neighbourhoods. Students will learn about post and beam construction and how the concept of “living on the edge” influenced the development of a new style. They’ll also explore the work of many significant Canadian architects who contributed to the development of our modern community. Programs include hands-on activities using photographs, building plans, vintage magazines, and real estate and construction ads. 


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Designed for use in the classroom, our portable school kit contains a selection of “touchables,” relevant lesson plans, and a variety of fun activities to inspire students’ curiosity!


Enduring Traditions: Squamish Weaving (Grades 3 to 4)


The heritage of the Squamish Nation is explored through materials designed to enhance students’ critical thinking skills in social studies, science, art, and culture.  




Don’t see a program that quite fits your needs? We’ll be happy to work with you on an art or social studies related program to fit your curriculum.




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