Thomas Kakinuma, Peacock, glazed ceramic, 1963 detail
The Ceramic Art of Thomas Kakinuma

Current Exhibition

The Ceramic Art of Thomas Kakinuma

Thomas Kakinuma (1908-1982) is an intriguing figure in British Columbia’s ceramics history. He was a highly regarded potter and sculptor in the 1950s and 1960s, and throughout his working life, he received recognition across Canada and internationally. With renewed attention and focus on Mid-Century art and British Columbia craft, this exhibition examines Kakinuma’s role as a teacher and producer of era-defining ceramics illustrating his significant contributions. ..more

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Selections from the KazLaw Collection

This exhibition features works by Roy Arden, Karin Bubaš, Owen Kydd, Evan Lee, Scott McFarland, Victor John Penner, Howard Ursuliak and Stephen Waddell. They have focussed their lenses on seemingly ordinary objects, things, and places that mark human activity: stacked mattresses, burned-out buildings, demolished cars, empty shelters and construction sites. ..more

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